Tippytop Bed & Breakfast 

'A breath of fresh sea air - relax - revive - recharge'

Our Story

We built Tipptytop in 1993 as a retreat from our busy lives in the city.  Now that our family has grown up and flown the nest we have moved permanently to our favourite place here at Preston Beach.  After running our own consultancy business in Perth for 15 years we have now decided it's time to follow our long time vision of offering bed & breakfast at Tippytop so that others can experience the special quality of this quiet haven. The name Tippytop evolved because of our location on one of the higher points in the town site with wonderful views in all directions.

The Acorn Story

Acorns hold a unique and age-old heritage as a sign of warmth and hospitality in some countries. To many early travellers, an acorn worked into the architecture of a home or estate was an invitation to take a break from journeying and come inside to a welcome environment. There, a weary traveller could enjoy the comforts of food, drink and a place to rest.       

As a B&B, Tippytop operates in keeping with the age-old roots of this symbol.  Through our atmosphere, service and food, we strive to be a purveyor of welcome, warmth and hospitality for all who enter our doors. As in generations past, the acorn fountain in our garden serves as a symbol of welcome and hospitality for all.