Lake Preston and Yalgorup National Park Lake Preston and Yalgorup National Park Lake Preston - north end Spring finds Lake Preston filled by winter rains. A vast number of migratory birds take this opportunity to rest and feed on their way to their breeding grounds. 39299014 Salt Scultpture Photo by Bill Russell. 29061019 From lake to woodland Samfire grasses, reeds and woodland on the edge of Lake Preston. 29060937 Lake Preston 29061020 Paperbark grove 29061021 Melalueca Discover a variety of landscapes on one of the many bushland walks in and around Preston Beach. 29060938 Lake Preston in winter Sunrise on a foggy winter morning 29061022 Moon on the rise A December moon rises over Yalgorup park 29061023 Hooded Plover Hooded Plover are a rare and globally endangered species which breed along the shores of the Yalgorup lakes. Photograph by Bill Russell 32555209 Hooded Plover eggs Photograph by Bill Russell 32555211 Hooded Plover chick Photograph by Bill Russell 32555210 Australian Ibis Photograph by Bill Russell 32555212 Australian Shoveler Photograph by Bill Russell 32555213 Martins Tank Lake Reflections on Martins Tank Lake, Yalgorup National Park 32555214 198907121